Technology Readiness Level 1 : passed in 2013

TRL 1 is now passed.

Technical feasibility of Bee-Plane. Studies are made on paper and numerical mock-up

Budget estimation was 150k€ for TRL 1. Risk of the project was divided by two at the end of this first gate. Major changes occured in the shape of the project.

Technical Targets of TRL1

- Identify, protect and publish principles that underline the Bee-Plane.

- Paper studies of basic properties.

- Fundamental research concerning wing's configuration and connection system.

- Start applied research and development of general configuration.

- Find TRL2 partners.

Main risks

Risk analysis focus on :

- Mechanical connection system between bees and baskets

- Overall configuration (engines, tandem wings, airflows, noise impact)

- Industrial organisation (technical and industrial partnership, supply chain, MRO)

- Project organisation (teams)

- Financial organisation

TRL1 Configurations

Sart :

- A320 capacity

- two side fuselage

- Two turbopropeller

End :

- A321 capacity

- Single fuselage on top

- Two turbopropeller, 1 central turbofan

First Mock-up

Virtual tour of Hospital basket was made by students of Estaca Laval

Physical mock-up was made by atelier Pras

Key words : plane concept, TRL1, TRL-1, future aircraft, avion du futur, innovation, innovative, risk, aerodynamical configuration

TRL1 Partners

Several engineering schools have joined beeplane project. Teams of students have worked on projects in 2012/2013. Subjects are chosen according to school aeronautical specialities.

- Ecole Centrale Paris, aeronautical specialities and industrial workshop

- ESTACA, aeronautical engineer, structural and

- IPSA, Air & Space engineer, wings studies

- INSA Rouen, propulsion and energy speciality, engines models

First Mock-up by Atelier Pras




Lesser Open Bee License 1.3

Copyrights 2014

Coordinator Technoplane SAS

Actual step :


European R&D consortium started TRL2


Find updated technical documentation, project follow-up and synthesis

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