Technology Readiness Level

Project is based on Technology Readiness Level (TRL) commonly used within aeronautical industries.

Please refer to the wiki definition of Technology Readiness Level.

For first TRL, deliverables of the project are only numerics.


Project started TRL2. The aircraft archistecture is now fixed. Studies are made on detailled aerodynamic configuration and equipement/

TRL2 is achieved within academic partners and is coordinated by a start-up.


Bee-Plane TRL 1 was achieved with french academic partners.

Aeronautical configuration clearly evolved from a double side fuselage to a single top fuselage. For TRL2 studies, Beeplane is going to be unmanned.

Key Words : innovant aircraft, future airplanes, TP400, A400M, A320, 737, TRL1, TRL-1, avion innovant, avion du futur, detachable fuselage, Airbus, Boeing




Lesser Open Bee License 1.3

Copyrights 2014

Coordinator Technoplane SAS

Actual step :


European R&D consortium started TRL2


Find updated technical documentation, project follow-up and synthesis

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