Project partners

Bee-Plane project is collaborative with intensive partners. It started within an academic consortium in France and is now at a european level.

Start-up Technoplane SAS

Bee-Plane technical project is coordinated by the firm Technoplane SAS, Start-up focused on industrial property for innovative and collaborative projects within aeronautical industry.

Founder of Technoplane SAS : Xavier Dutertre

With years of experience improving processes within the aeronautical industry (equipments manufacturers and repair stations), Xavier Dutertre recently decided to start patent and start-up ventures. He previously brought his innovative spirit to much larger companies where he discovered his ability to manage difficult projects and proactive human ressources. He graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris with a speciality in industrial engineering. He holds a MBA of Collège des Ingénieurs in Paris.

Company incubator was french regional public Incubator "Seinari".

Consultative committee

Members of the consultative committee help with Technoplane strategy. They bring experiences (not only in the aeronautical world) and contacts to the project. Members list is private.

- 2 Designers

- 1 Networker in aeronautical industry

- 1 BU Director in pharmaceutics

- 1 Supply Chain Director

- 1 Managing Director in IT

- 1 Previous Technical Director in aeronautical research

- 1 IT manager

Key words : start-up, future aircraft, innovation, founder, risks, strategy, Human ressources, industrial property, future airplane, Technoplane




Lesser Open Bee License 1.3

Copyrights 2014

Coordinator Technoplane SAS

Actual step :


European R&D consortium started TRL2


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