Bee-Plane is a collaborative R&D project on future aircrafts

Bee-Plane project is today a concept-plane.

Studies generate knowledge on future aircrafts. A simulation tool is developp to study aerodynamic paramters of future aircrafts. Usage and aircraft architectures are optimized within the simulation software.

For TRL1 and TRL2, partners are enginnering universities. Students are working on the project during their scolarship.

We are looking for new industrial and technical partners that want to join beeplane project or associated tasks.

Technology review & Proof of concept

The Fairchild XC-120 was a very near concept. One prototype was developed in the 1950s by the US Army. Videos are available !

There was no reason at that time for such a concept to be economically efficient.

Time, constraints and technologies have now changed :

- More powerful engines,

- Carbon bodies,

- Cockpit on side,

- Tandem wings,

- Double bubble body,

- Electric wiring,

- Noise reduction design.

Main technical point is the quick connection system that will allow the loading/unloading procedure to be done within 5 minutes each. Usage of existing technologies is feasible.




Lesser Open Bee License 1.3

Copyrights 2014

Coordinator Technoplane SAS

Actual step :


European R&D consortium started TRL2


Find updated technical documentation, project follow-up and synthesis

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