Bee-Plane NGO

Bee-Plane needs your help, join us ! join us !

The organisation is a non-profit association ("loi 1901" in France).

We organise events and voluntary works around Bee-Plane concept. We promote humanitarian and civil forces of Bee-Plane

Contact us and join Bee-Plane NGO Community !

Together we will go much further on Bee-Plane Project.

Member contribution

Bee-Plane NGO budget is provided by Bee-events, members contribution and sponsorship.


Bee-Plane NGO

Prefect reference for Bee-Plane NGO : W273002728

Key words : NGO, Voluntary, non-profit organisation, project, help, events




Lesser Open Bee License 1.3

Copyrights 2014

Coordinator Technoplane SAS

Actual step :


European R&D consortium started TRL2


Find updated technical documentation, project follow-up and synthesis

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