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Disclaimer 1 : BeeCoin is a financial offer made by Technoplane SAS, under French law, please refer to company information before proceeding.

Disclaimer 2 : BeeCoin is a financial offer on a high level of risk project. Buying a BeeCoin, Type 1 or Type 2, means that you are aware of level of risk and investments offer.

Disclaimer 3 : As there is no information on this website concerning what is a BeeCoin Type 1 or Type 2, proceeding within this website and buying a Beecoin means that you are a qualified investor.

Disclaimer 4 : Offer is between 100 000 euros and 2,5 millions euros and does not represent more than 50% of Technoplane company.

Disclaimer 5 : Payments have to be pre-approuved by your contact within Technoplane

Note :

Contact us fordirect paiment, if you want to avoid Paypal charges,Paypal charges are paid by Investor, One BeeCoin costs 100€,

Mandatory :

Please send contact name, adress information and ID copy, to your contact within Technoplane SAS, by email.

Bee Coin Type 1

Buy BeeCoin Type 1 (100€) + Paypal Charges


Bee Coin Type 2

Buy BeeCoin Type 2 (100€) + Paypal Charges





Lesser Open Bee License 1.3

Copyrights 2014

Coordinator Technoplane SAS

Actual step :


European R&D consortium started TRL2


Find updated technical documentation, project follow-up and synthesis

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